Hayagriva – Perth

Based on the principles of love and compassion, Tara Meditation Centre exists to provide on-going support for the practice of Buddhist Teachings and to assist those who are experiencing pain or illness by providing holistic care and an atmosphere of calm.

 Hayagriva Buddhist Centre – Perth


Hayagriva Buddhist Centre in Kensington, Perth, is the sister-centre of Tara Meditation Centre.

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Hayagriva Buddhist Centre is a Mahayana Buddhist centre in Perth, Western Australia. We provide Gelugpa Buddhist teachings and meditation classes as well as retreats. Members and visitors are welcome to use and enjoy the relaxing ambience of our beautiful Centre for personal meditation and other Buddhist practices. We have a library, bookshop and complimentary refreshments. We are fortunate in having students who volunteer to welcome visitors to the centre and help out. Contact Hayagriva by phone on 9367 4817