About us

Tara Meditation Centre is a not for profit yoga, meditation and teaching centre in the heart of the Bunbury CBD. Volunteers staff our shop, lead meditations, serve on committee, and do our cleaning and maintenance. Many hours of service are offered by these wonderful people each year.

The centre has a yoga and teaching room, a shop, a library of Buddhist, yoga and self-help books, and a lounge area where you can sit, have a cuppa and read. We welcome new people looking around the centre or browsing the books.

Anyone can come to guided meditations – you don’t have to be Buddhist.

Throughout the year we invite teachers from other FPMT centres to teach on a variety of Buddhist texts and topics. These usually involve ways of transforming the mind, using the tools refined by Buddhist meditators over the last two thousand years.

As a yoga centre we run a variety of classes catering to different groups, from beginners to experienced, for men and women. At various times we hold special workshops or retreats for those seeking to deepen their yoga practice.