The meaning of life, Jan 2018

His Holiness the Dalai Lama often says that the meaning of life is to be happy. In Buddhist terms to be happy is to help others to gain their happiness. In the first instance this is everyday health, comfort and love. Then to investigate longer term causes of happiness, which involves examining the true nature of our suffering and how we might eliminate that suffering. In these talks Ven Tony will explain the Buddhist view of the origin of unhappiness, and the means to begin to overcome some of our problems.

In a Saturday workshop we will do some meditations on the causes and solutions to the problems in our mind.


Mon Jan 8th: 7pm

Thurs Jan 11th: 7pm

Mon Jan 15th, 7pm

Thurs Jan 18th, 7pm.

Workshop: Meditations to relieve suffering

Sat Jan 20th; 10 am-4pm.

We will have a shared vegetarian lunch on this Saturday. Please bring something to share.