Reality like water bubble, Aug 18/19, Ven Jamyang

Teachings from the Diamond Cutter Sutra

The Vajra (or Diamond) cutter sutra is a short discourse on the Buddhist concept of emptiness. Ven Jamyang will teach on the verse ” As a star, a visual aberration, a lamp, an illusion, dew, a bubble, a dream, lightning, a cloud, view all the compounded like that.”

Ven Jamyang trained as physiotherapist and worked with children until meeting the dharma and becoming ordained in 2000. She has studied the basic program at CI and the Masters program at Instituto Lama Tsongkapa. She has also completed the requirement of the one year retreat for the Masters program and has given teachings on emptiness.

Times: Sat 18th Aug 10-4pm

Sun 19th Aug 10am-1.00 pm.

Facility fee: $100/90.

Sat only $65/55.

We will have a shared vegetarian lunch on Saturday. Please bring something to share.