History of the centre

The Hospice in Hospice of Mother Tara

The word hospice derives from the Latin for guest, a hoste took in hospes, and was giving hospitare and did this in a hospitale. In the middle ages religious organisations offered hospitality in an inn often associated with a monastery. Hospice of Mother Tara is a Hospice in the sense of offering relief and support to all who are welcome through our meditations, teachings and hospitality. We are not a hospital or hospice that can offer beds for the terminally ill.


Hospice of Mother Tara began humbly, in the homes of our founders Glenda Lee and May Mills, two devoted students of our spiritual teacher Lama Zopa Rinpoche and his teacher Lama Yeshe. May  became ordained as Ven Chodron and returned to become a sangha member with the centre which had then grown to have its own premises in Victoria Street. Glenda guided the centre through its early years with FPMT, acting as Director and Spiritual Programme Coordinator at different times. Glenda became ordained as Venerable Gyalmo and now leads a FPMT centre in Ulan Bataar, Mongolia.


Ven Chodron

History of the centre

Ven Gyalmo

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