How to develop Bodhicitta, Oct 22-29th Ven Lhundrub

Bodhicitta is the wish to free all beings from suffering. This sounds like an overwhelming project but we can begin now to increase our kindness and understanding and gradually build steps to an enlightened mind. The embodiment of compassion is the Buddha Chenrezig, and we will devote one day to meditation on the qualities of this Buddha. As part of the program of developing compassion we will host an animal blessing day. Please bring along pets and creatures of house and garden and they will be blessed with Holy objects and Medicine Buddha mantra.

This teaching follows the discovering Buddhism module “Developing Bodhicitta”

We will have a shared vegetarian lunch Sat Nov 3rd. Please bring something to share.

Evening classes:

Mon Oct 22nd and 29th 7 pm

Thurs Oct 24th 7pm

Thurs Nov 1st 7pm

Workshop on Chenrezig: Sat Nov 3rd 10am-4pm

Animal blessing Sat Oct 28th, 2-4pm.

Ven Lhundrub is based at Atisha centre in Bendigo, where he teaches Discovering Buddhism. This is his 3rd visit to Bunbury and we enjoy his sensible 21st century approach to the teachings. In a former life he was a radio DJ, raised children and experienced all the trials of everyday life. He chose to devote himself to life as a monk more than 15 years ago.

Facility fee;

whole course $120/100.

Evenings $18/15

Sat only $65/55

Animal blessing: by donation